Natives of Fort Wayne, Indiana, Void Reunion’s sound was forged in the blossoming city best known for its rivers and rust, churches and strip clubs. Coming of age amongst this effervescent dichotomy was fundamental in individually shaping each member of the band, who eventually came together in 2015.

After lengthy musical hiatuses, self-avowed Midwest Indie rockers and local scene veterans George Gardner and Eric Frank joined forces around a simple premise: play music they want to listen to, strip away the bullshit, and leave all creative doors wide open. Shortly thereafter, Bob Haddad and Bryce Wiseman were gathered into the Void on guitar and bass, respectively.

Now three EPs deep, with numerous shows under their belt and their own Void Communion beer flowing, the Void boys continue to expand and cultivate their own unique sound, drawing from their rich breadth of experience to craft endlessly driving, melodic tracks that are sure to plant themselves firmly in your ear and keep you coming back for more again and again and again…


Vocals, Guitar / George Gardner
Drums, Keyboard / Eric Frank
Bass / Bryce Wiseman
Guitar, Vocals / Bob Haddad